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You may think that during off school because of this Covid-19, I go holidays around. But I actually didn’t. I stay at home most of the time, even when Bengkulu (that’s where I live) is still crowdy. I still stay put at home. If you also think that I just eat and sleep, but again you are wrong! I do many activities indoor and outdoor. They include watching TV, reading books, riding bicyles, fishing, building aeroplane models and much more. I do my homework of course like you do. I ride bicycle in my wide-wide yard. I watch English Speaking TV Program like discovery and National Geographic. I read books about Geography, History, and Science. Although I miss all my friends but I can manage not to waste my time for nothing. I hope you all are healthy and fine. Please take care of your self. I miss you all my friends and dear teachers.

Eager to meet you all like days before.

See you soon

-Reihnart Du Grade IV

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